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The Beauport Inn Bed and Breakfast is a unique and exceptionally beautiful property. The Beauport Birds add a notable touch. But if you ask the Innkeepers, they'll say that what makes the Beauport Inn really special, are the wonderful people they meet.


When they wrote their first newsletter at the end of 2014, Linda and Ellen couldn't decide which of many wonderful experiences to write about. With all those great memories, how could they choose just one?


Then it came to them. What could be more memorable than a wedding? "THREE weddings!" And a honeymoon couple whose story they'll never forget. We invite you to meet four couples we had the pleasure of hosting during the summer of 2014.


Four couples. Each with a different story. But in a way, all the same.
Love is love, and there's nothing better than being around it.
Tom and Kendall

JULY 2014

The weather couldn't have been better for their wedding at the Marginal Way. In fact, it was perfect the entire time of their stay.


For almost a week, with friends and family from Florida, they all enjoyed Ogunquit, the Inn, and each other's company.


And we enjoyed having them here.


It was like one big happy family, and the wonderful memories are still fresh in our minds.


Grandson Austin made a new friend, and special memories of his own.

Beauport Inn Bed & Breakfast Ogunquit. Marginal Way wedding.
Beauport Inn B&B Ogunquit Maine
Stephen and Jennifer

JULY 2014

A beautiful bride, a groom who couldn't do enough for his wife-to-be, and a fun-loving group of family and friends. Sharing our Inn with such wonderful people was really a gift.


Stephen and Jennifer found us in March on their way from Clay Hill Farm, the venue just down the road where they were married. 


Thanks to Jennifer and Stephen, we found Kim, a great masseuse for the Inn. And we met Stephen's brother Christopher, who created our new website and got our newsletter off the ground.


"We felt so lucky to have found your Inn", they wrote in a "Thank You" note. It shouldn't surprise you to hear that we feel lucky, too.

Beauport Inn B&B Ogunquit Wedding Party
Beauport Inn Ogunquit Bed & Breakfast Wedding Party
Marte and Gina


Marte & Gina were married by the Josias River on the grounds of the Inn, with two friends as witnesses. Linda and Ellen were invited, too.


When the young daughters of guests in the River View apartment heard about the wedding, they wanted to attend. "Of course!" was the answer.


The girls, Claire and Megan, gathered flowers and drew a picture for Marte and Gina. After the ceremony, they all threw coins in the river for luck.


At the end of the day, after the cake and celebrating, six-year-old Claire announced, "This was the best day of my life".


Truth be told, it was really special for everyone.

Beauport Inn Bed & Breakfast Wedding Party
Beauport Inn Bed & Breakfast Wedding Party
Peter and Julie


From Bedfordshire, U.K. comes a story that could be a Hallmark movie. High school sweethearts, who go their separate ways. One divorced, the other widowed. Years later, fate brings them together again, and they marry. 


But we left the best part for last.


The photo of the ring on Julie's finger isn't her wedding ring. It's the ring Peter had given Julie in high school, which she "just happened" to save all those years, and wore on their wedding day. "To us it was as important as her engagement and wedding rings," 

said Peter.


No writer could have created a better story, and it was our good fortune to have Peter and Julie stay at our Inn. We guess, as with them, it was just meant to be!


Beauport Inn Bed & Breakfast Wedding Honeymoon
Beauport Inn Bed & Breakfast Wedding Honeymoon
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