The Inn is of a unique character as it takes it's design from old, English farmhouses; the details and craftsmanship of the Inn are truly spectacular.

The land the Beauport Inn Bed & Breakfast was built on was initially owned by the Perkins family, the first settlers in the York/Ogunquit community. It was used as a farm, and cows grazed in the fields. The original farmhouse, built in the 17th century, still exists. It's now a private residence, across the road from the Inn.


In 1999, George and Cathy Wilson purchased the remaining 11 acres of the original farm. In 2001, they decided to build on the property. They went to the Cotswolds in England for two weeks and took pictures of old English style farmhouses as inspiration. When they returned, they had plans drawn up and decided to construct the Inn out of granite composite, done in a rustic style of masonry. They incorporated many historical pieces for the interior design. 





The Inn was designed by a local artist and

meticulously built by talented Maine craftspeople.

The first thing you'll see as you enter the Inn are the 150-year-old stained glass front doors, brought over from a hotel in London. 


Next is the Great Room, whose wood paneling comes from a London men’s social club that dates back to the 1800's. Names of various officials of the club are listed on top of each panel. One, Sir Vezey Strong. was once mayor of London and appointed a Lord.


On the ground floor, rosewood doors leading into a private, tiled steam room are from a villa in Saudi Arabia. They were carved by Turks, and had been used to hide the Saudi women in the courtyards from view.


Floors throught the Inn are 14-inch wide white pine, inlaid with Colonial square nails. In 1997, an ice storm in northern Maine damaged many trees. The Inn's floors come from trees whose tops were destroyed, leaving only the trunks. As a result, the boards are wide, and there are very few knots in the wood.


Masonry pieces in the Great Room's fireplace are from an old house in Yugoslavia. Two granite/cement monk heads above the

garage doors, from a mansion in Northern Massachusetts, are a sign of good luck and happiness. Wherever you look, there's something interesting to see.


Since the Beauport Inn was designed as a bed and breakfast -- not converted from a private residence, as many b&b's are -- it combines beauty and functionality. It took 380 days to complete construction, but it was well worth the effort. The Inn is truly one-of-a-kind.


Like home away from home. 


You'll want to return -- again and again.

TEL (207) 361-2400


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Conveniently located  Just past the  tennis courts on the Ogunquit town line.