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Beauport Inn B&B Ogunquit
"We came to Maine
and saw our future."


Beauport Inn B&B Ogunquit


"Why do you want to go to Ogunquit? The town's the size of a postage stamp." But they looked online and found the River View at the Beauport Inn -- an apartment with an inground pool, close to the beach -- and off they went.


Ellen and Linda loved the area so much, and the Beauport Inn so much, they didn't want to leave. When owner George Wilson told them the Inn was for sale, they did a walk-through -- a "fantasy tour", as Ellen would say -- since it was wishful thinking they could ever afford to buy such a place.


The Inn was sold to another buyer. For the next two years, Ellen and Linda combined vacations in Maine with house-hunting. They looked at numerous properties, none of them bed and breakfasts. They made offers on two houses, but neither panned out. 


One day, just for fun, Linda decided to look at real estate listings that exceeded their budget. Up popped the Beauport Inn. George Wilson was now the realtor; the seller was motivated. In the months ahead, the price came down. The women made an offer. It was quickly accepted.

June 26 - July 3, 2010

Ellen & Linda's fIrst trip to Ogunquit

Beauport Inn B & B Ogunquit

Piscataqua River Bridge to Ogunquit, Maine

Beauport Inn B&B Ogunquit

Just Minutes To Ogunquit and the Beauport Inn!

Beauport Inn B&B Ogunquit

Ellen At the Beauport Inn's River View Apartment in Ogunquit.

Beauport Inn B&B Ogunquit

Original Beauport Inn Owners George and Cathy.

Beauport Inn B&B Ogunquit

Ogunquit Beach, just a mile from the Beauport Inn.

Beauport Inn B&B Ogunquit

Kite Flying At Ogunquit Beach

Beauport Inn B&B Ogunquit

The Nubble Lighthouse is just minutes from the Beauport Inn.

Beauport Inn B&B Ogunquit

Lobster Bake In Wells, Maine, minutes from the Beauport Inn.

Time At the Pool, Beauport Inn

Enjoying Kennebunk

Shopping At Perkins Cove

Relaxing In the Pool

Long Sands Beach, York

Farmer's Market

July 3, 2010: Heading Home

Guests have high praise for the Beauport Inn hosts. If you read their Trip Advisor reviews, that's easy to see. But what's really special is the story of how these two women came to own the Beauport Inn.


Years ago, living in Connecticut, a friend told them about a psychic named Sharon. "She's great. You have to get a reading". Linda and Ellen were skeptical, but one day, out of curiousity, decided to see what she'd say. "You will go to Maine and see your future. There's a house waiting for you.....maybe a bed and a tourist town.....near the water. It's like an old farmhouse, but new."


Living near the water sounded great. An old farmhouse, but new? That didn't make sense. Maine? It wasn't even on their radar. 


Some time later, looking for a new vacation spot and having forgotten about the reading, Linda came across a small beach town that looked very inviting. Ellen was reluctant at first.



On February 15, 2013, Ellen and Linda became the new owners of the Beauport Inn -- a bed and breakfast in Maine, in a tourist town, near the water -- just as Sharon had predicted. 


And when the women moved in, they found a typewritten page that described the property's History. To their surprise, it said the design of the Inn came from old English farmhouses. "An old farmhouse, but new." That part finally made sense.


So was it destiny, or coincidence? You decide.


But if you ask Ellen and Linda, they'll just say that wishes do come true, and they feel very fortunate to be living in this beautiful Inn in such a wonderful town, and being able to share it with others.

"Ellen and Linda are friendly, down-to-earth people who will

make you feel welcome. You can expect that your stay at the

Beauport Inn will be enjoyable, and as comfortable as home."

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