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Six Reasons Why Ogunquit is the Best Place to Visit in the Winter

We love Ogunquit in the Winter!

Ogunquit Beach a short drive from the Beauport Inn B&B

1. The beach is still here.

Let's face it. Ogunquit's beach really is wonderful, but we like it even more without wall-to-wall people. The views are still gorgeous, and you can take long walks without tripping over suntan-lotioned bodies.

Even in December, the ocean air feels really marvelous. And let's not forget the Marginal Way, which is always spectacular. The walk will do you good.

2. It's much easier to find parking. Free parking!

Anyone who's visited Ogunquit during the busy season knows the nightmare that's unique to this area. It can be hard to find a parking spot -- more specifically, a parking spot that doesn't cost as much as a large pizza with extra toppings. Free parking is readily available at the beach, and throughout the town, during the winter season.

3. Restaurants are still open.

True, a number of places take a hiatus during the winter months. But do you really need a lobster roll every time you visit Perkins Cove? And with a zillion restaurants in the area, what's the harm if a few are closed?

There's still a wide variety of eateries to choose from, whether it's pizza at Cornerstone or a special dinner at Angelina's. We guarantee, you're not going to starve.

4. There's lots to do.

One of the great things about Ogunquit is its location. We're close to a lot of neat places, a real plus when the entire land area of your town is just 4 square miles.

The Nubble Lighthouse, specially lit for the holidays, is a beautiful sight to see. Kennebunkport has "Christmas Prelude" in early December. Ogunquit celebrates "Christmas By the Sea" from December 9-11. The Kittery Outlets have special "Holiday Outlet Sales". These are just a few of the many activities taking place in December.

Or, you can come to Ogunquit and take a break from all the running around. Read a book. Play Scrabble. Enjoy the hot tub and Turkish steam room. Schedule a massage right down the road. Bears hibernate in winter for a reason. You might want to do the same.

5. The weather's better than you might expect.

When we bought the Beauport Inn, Linda invited her family to visit. "Maine? It's too cold there in the winter", they said. All except Linda's 92-year-old mother, Edith, who lived in Queens, New York. She just laughed. "It's not that cold." And she was right.

Shops in Ogunquit, down the road from the Beauport Inn B&B

Mention "Maine" and people think "snow". But the southern coast is tempered by the ocean, so the weather's usually not bad at all. We got less snow last winter than Boston, or our previous hometown in Connecticut. We often saw days when winter temperatures in New York were lower than Ogunquit's.

So don't be concerned about the weather. Although in December, with the town lit up and decorated for the holidays, Ogunquit is magical, and you just might find yourself wishing for snow. Granted, this is not the Bahamas. But when it does snow, they know how to plow. And we have an ample supply of shovels.

6. Rates for rooms are lower.

The winter comforters are on the beds. They're warm and cozy. The gas fireplaces in the rooms make it even more toasty. And the birds are still happy to have visitors.

Need we say more?

Call now to reserve, or for more information. We know you'll find plenty of reasons to love Ogunquit in the winter!

We look forward to seeing you,

Linda, Ellen, and the Beauport Birds

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