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We're Not Oprah, But We Have Our Favorites!

Oprah’s “Favorite Things From 2018" was recently released. She handpicked more than 100 products --107, to be exact. We found her list interesting, but there was nothing we wanted to buy. So we decided -- since guests often ask about items at the Beauport Inn -- to put together our own list of "Favorites", and share them with you on our website. The other part of this story is that we’d been thinking recently about ways to raise money to support our bird rescue and the “Beauport Birds”. As some of you know, food, toys, and supplies for birds isn’t chicken feed, especially when you have seven big guys who dump as much food as they eat, and go through toys faster than any child.

We know many people love the Beauport Inn and the Beauport Birds, but we didn't want to ask for donations. So we asked ourselves, "What would Oprah do?" That's when we had a light-bulb moment. It occurred to us that becoming an Amazon Business Affiliate might be just the ticket. As a friend of ours said when we mentioned the idea, "If I can help you and the Beauport Birds without it costing me anything, why wouldn't I do that? And I'd rather see you getting something instead of it all going to Amazon. They're doing well enough." It made sense to us, so we decided to give it a try. Here's how it works:

  • When you click on a product link from the Beauport Inn website's "Favorites" page, it will take you to that item on Amazon.

  • If you purchase that product, or something else on Amazon within the next 24 hours, the Beauport Birds may qualify for a small commission.

  • If you put something in your cart during the visit generated from our website link, and you purchase it within the next 89 days, the Beauport Birds might also qualify for a small commission.

When you shop on Amazon through our website links you won't pay anything extra. Just by doing what many of you already do -- buy goods on Amazon -- you can benefit the Beauport Birds without it costing you a penny more than you'd otherwise pay. And of course, you're under no obligation to buy.

So check out the Beauport Inn website's "Favorites". We think you'll find it interesting, entertaining, and down-to-earth, with something for everyone. And you won't have to blow your budget. We hope you'll also bookmark that page and check back often. We'll be adding new "favorites" on a regular basis. Perhaps you’ll even tell your friends about it, and ask them to do the same. The Beauport Birds are not just our pets -- bird rescue is also Ellen’s mission. The costs do add up, and whatever you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support! Love, Linda, Ellen, and the flock (Snowy, Rizzo, Kramer, Toby, Charlie, Stevie, and Adrianna)

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