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Some Like It Hot

I have a confession to make, and I’m sure it’s something I share with many of you: I don’t like cold weather. Give me a beach and sunshine anytime. Skiing and mountains? No thank you.

Ellen’s the opposite. She practically drools at the mention of snow and wintry climates.

So when we vacationed in Ogunquit and found we both loved it, the idea of living there year-round obviously concerned me, and not her. Plus, with Ellen's restaurant and food chemistry background, running a bed and breakfast in Maine was her dream come true. But was it mine?

Before we bought the Beauport Inn, I checked the weather daily. When I discovered the winter temperatures in Ogunquit were often the same or warmer than where we lived in northern Connecticut, the decision to move turned out to be easy. Besides, living near water was always something I wanted, and the friendly, artsy nature of the town was really appealing.

It turns out we made a really good decision. Warmth comes in different forms, not always from weather. It comes from the wonderful connections we’ve made, both with people in town and the guests that come through our doors.

There are also things one can do to make cold winters more bearable.

With that in mind, we decided to add a “Two-Person Far Infrared Sauna” to the Beauport Inn’s amenities. We still have the Turkish steam room, but replaced the shower in that area with the dry heat sauna. It fits the space perfectly and will be up and running in the next few days. Ellen won’t use it, of course, but I certainly will. And I know our guests will enjoy it, too.

So while Ogunquit may not be a tropical island, who knows? Spend a little time in the steam room, sauna, or hot tub; schedule an in-room massage; have a glass of wine, perhaps… Maybe New England winters aren’t so bad after all. We invite you to join us.

New Sauna at the Beauport Inn Bed and Breakfast

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